On the 31st of September 2015, Anna Mei bettered her own 12-hour Indoor Track Cycling world record by around 4.4 Miles, that had stood for almost 2 years. It had stood before that, for almost a decade, when she broke Ultra Marathon Cycling legend, Seana Hogan's record, which they both attempted as part of a longer 24 HR world records. 

Anna's record currently stands at 247.63 miles, meaning Katie will be aiming for around 250 miles, which equates to approximately 1616 laps of the 250m Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome in Glasgow which was built to host the 2014 Commonwealth Games.

The major advantage that Katie has over Ultra Cycling greats like Seana and Anna, is that she will be pacing for a 12-hour record and 

not a 24-hour ride, so she won't need to keep back energy reserves to finish the 24 Hour distance competitively.  

This won't be the case for Katie's 100-mile attempt, however, but she will hope to have 250 miles to play with, to find her fastest 100-mile section of her race. 

While the 8 HR WR record doesn't come under the remit of the Ultra Marathon Cycling Association, it will we hope, be accepted by Guinness World Records, as they accept applications for endurance events over 8 Hour time periods. We expect this to be the 3rd of the 3 world records as part of the 12-hour ride and hope that Katie will set an exceptional marker for others to attempt in the future. 

Whatever happens on the day, Katie will be the first British rider, male or female, to attempt a record of 12 hours or greater on an Indoor Velodrome and will, therefore, set the British genderless record for the time and distance. 

The Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome, in the Emirates Arena in Glasgow, is one of, if not the most technical Indoor Velodromes in Europe and as a result has steep bankings and is ripe to gain immediate speed should it be required. It does, however, sit at sea level, so doesn't benefit from less dense, more aerodynamic air, but it does provide more oxygen to riders than a velodrome higher above sea level.

Katie will attempt the 4 world records, on the 2nd of July 2017, where the venue will be unticketed and open to the public. The only thing she and the team ask of anyone that attends is to donate whatever they can afford by going to the donation link of the website's Home Page.