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David is a Cambridge graduate of Classics and an experienced manager and management consultant. During the 1990s he co-founded Eglinton Management Centre, one of Scotland's leading management training consultancies, before going on to co-found - an online teaching resource for management training. He worked as a Consultant in the field right up until his recent retirement and had also been a Visiting Professor at Glasgow University Business School.

David understands epilepsy well, through both his son Philip, and as Katie's stepfather of 25 years plus.

When he's not assisting the planning for the 12 HR ride, he is most likely to be seen watching or playing golf.

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Charline comes from an incredibly sporting family, however, isn't short of representative honours and titles in her sport of cycling. A three-time Scottish National Champion on the velodrome boards, Charline picked up a Commonwealth Silver Medal from the 2010 Dehli Games, in the Team Sprint. She represented Scotland again at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow in 2014, but not before overcoming a career threatening injury only months earlier in order to compete. She retired in the Autumn of 2016 and started her next adventure, working as a Coach based out of Hampden Stadium in Glasgow and starting fitness training company PHIT based in the West End of Glasgow, with former Scotland Rugby 7s captain, Colin Gregor.

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Marzi is one of the most senior Radiologists in Scotland and is the Senior Consultant at the Royal Alexandra Hospital, Glasgow. She enjoys a spot of road cycling herself and will be taking her first steps to riding the Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome this year. Along with her specialism, she is also an exceptional all round medical practitioner and has a huge breadth of knowledge to give the team overall. 

Having Marzi on the team means that the attempt is truly covered with all eventualities in regards to medical incidents, given she has a strong personal understanding of epilepsy through her son. Given Marzi's day job, she's used to pressured environments and brings an extremely level head for medical decisions to the team.  

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An ex-international athlete, Allan is the Senior Physiotherapist at The Hampden Clinic in Glasgow.

He absolutely understands what it takes to perform at a high level. At every level, he implicitly understands the impact of pain and how it impacts on anyone's life. His focus as a clinician is to meet a client's objectives and do it in a way that ensures they know what you can do to minimise the chance of any recurrence. 

Allan works with some of the most elite athletes in Scotland across a number of sports, but doesn't just focus on traditional methods, using body analysis as another tool in his armoury to treat clients, to ensure that each individual knows exactly how their body operates at its optimum level.

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John is somewhat of a pioneer in the Glasgow bike scene. He was one fo the original mechanics in community cycling organisation, Glasgow Bike Station, teaching cycle repair skills, as well as dealing with the bread and butter work of fixing bikes of all shapes and sizes. A cycle courier for a number of years, he was also the winner of the European Cycle Courier Championships. 

Since then he has gone on to use his talents in local cycling charity, Freewheel North, where he has taken on the cafe within one of the Glasgow sites and continues to have a huge impact on bringing accessible cycling to the local community of the north of Glasgow. 

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A keen cyclist on his fixie, Seb studied Architecture at the University of Cambridge and practices in London. Outside his day job, he is also an incredibly accomplished photographer and is frequently seen with a camera in his hand at events. He has shot everything from architecture, food, nature and portraiture, to of course cycling, as well as photographing Katie while she carried the Olympic flame in London back in 2012.

During the race, Seb will not only be putting his photography skills into practice but will also be able to assist John with his mechanical know-how. Seb's precision from his day job, mixed with his personal tinkering abilities with his own bike, make him a perfect fit for the team.

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Paul and Katie have known each other, for Paul's entire life and he has gone on an equally challenging journey's with his own epilepsy. Despite his 6,5" size, Paul is definitely a gentle giant but will play a crucial role in providing information on speed, lap times and progress during Katie's ride and passing it onto other crew members as well as recording it for evidence. 

Although it's Paul's intelligence, height and strength that is his biggest asset, he also gives the rest of the crew not only inspiration, but also a first-hand understanding of epilepsy as well. In his spare time, Paul is an incredibly talented fiction writer and has written several novels, which he hopes to publish in the future.

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As a Senior Occupational Therapist with Glasgow NHS, who works in the field of adult learning disabilities, Liz has an outstanding and professional understanding of epilepsy as many of her clients have epilepsy. Although she is more a social cyclist these days, she loves her cycling and gets involved in helping out local cycling club Fullarton Wheelers's events, where they hold her in very high regard as an organiser.

Liz is extremely perceptive and able to read situations extremely well, understanding that psychology is just as important as physical ability. Her ability to advise Charline on what is likely going on in Katie's head, is a huge asset, particularly as she's known Katie all her life, as she is also her cousin.